“Cycling has been and will always be my world – I just love to ride. In truth it wasn’t medals that really inspired me to cycle. It’s my love of riding that inspired me to win medals.

HOY Bikes provides a great range of well designed, affordable, quality products that has a community of enthusiasts behind it. It’s like joining a club, a cool cycling club at that!

The range not only has my name on it, but it also has my time and attention to detail as part of its DNA. I’ve experienced bike development and have ridden more prototypes I care to mention – but testing and trialing to reach the perfect design harmony is something I feel strongly about.

I’ve designed and chosen the specifications along with Evans Cycles, drawing on my experience and their knowhow. I have road tested all of the adult models over and over again. I have followed the production line and visited all the factories.

So, take a closer look at our HOY range at an Evans Cycles store near you. Tell me what you think, any ideas you may have and anything you don’t like.”





Chris was at the Revolution Series Round 2 in Glasgow to launch the Fiorenzuola track bike, Meadowbank 650c youth track bike and Cammo 650c. Take a look at the video:

Chris launches latest HOY Bikes models