Official statement regarding British Cycling

Friday April 7 2017

I’ve always loved cycling, it’s been my passion as long as I can remember.  I was a member of British Cycling’s squad for 18 years from 1995 until I retired from elite competitive cycling in 2013, following the London Olympics.  I’ve stayed involved with the sport since then, regularly keeping in contact with the riders, coaches and other support staff at British Cycling.  I hope my involvement will last a lifetime.

Around this time last year, British Cycling was regarded globally as a benchmark governing body in sport, with unprecedented success across all cycling disciplines.  Dozens of womens’ and mens’ World, Olympic and Paralympic Champions, huge growth in membership and millions more people across Britain inspired to take up cycling for fun and for fitness.

Like many of us, I’ve sat by and watched the media reports unfold regarding the serious allegations relating to the treatment of riders within the team.  It’s upsetting and incredibly sad to read, but I feel bound to say, these are not experiences I recognise from my time at British Cycling.

It feels terrible to think that anyone has ever experienced bullying or discrimination during their time with British Cycling.

Hundreds of riders have come through the system over the past 20 years.  As members of the British Cycling squad, we’ve all had the same network of support around us.  Clearly a small percentage of the team felt that support didn’t meet their expectations at all times during their careers.

Each and every one of those riders has the right to be respected and for their grievances to be heard.  Every organisation has a responsibility to stamp out bullying and/or discrimination.  I believe this very public mudslinging and media coverage has been sensationalised in many ways, however one very important upside is that those riders know they are now being listened to.

From what I read and understand through various conversations, British Cycling recognises they’ve fallen short in a number of areas.  They’ve now outlined a 39 point plan to ensure the right processes are in place to deal with these issues.  This will not only protect the riders, but must equally importantly also protect the coaches and support staff too, whose own reputations have been damaged irreparably over the past 12 months.

Some may argue too little too late, but even for those who did feel let down by British Cycling in the past, it’s encouraging to know that British Cycling is now engaging with those riders.  I don’t doubt for one second that every single person involved in this process has the interests of our sport at heart.

As an elite athlete, I trained to win.  Training was at times brutal, it has to be when you want to represent your country and to be the world’s best.  I pushed myself hard, and I was pushed hard by my coaches. There were times when I didn’t make the grade and I wasn’t selected for events. There were many times when I disagreed with my coaches.  I believe all of this contributed to help bring out the best in me when it counted. I would not have achieved what I did without them and will be forever grateful for what they did.

I was part of the British Cycling squad before lottery funding.  Before we could afford the very best in coaching, support staff and facilities.  Before the growth in popularity of cycling across Britain.  Before we were actually any good as a nation at cycling.  We are now the world’s best and have been for the past three Olympic and Paralympic Games.

I’m incredibly proud to have played a small part in this success, and every rider, coach, support staff and supporter of British Cycling can share my pride.

Success is also about the legacy left behind, and my satisfaction extends not only to the performances of the elite riders, but also to seeing so many people of all ages and abilities enjoying their bikes across Britain every day of the year.

My career as a cyclist has taught me how to win, but also how to lose. How to get up when you’re down and out. So, I’d urge everyone involved, whether a rider, support staff, coach or senior management alike, to dust yourself down, regroup, identify where you can change and improve. Work once again as a team and be better than the competition. Raise your head high and look to the future.

After each Olympic Games, I’m always excited to see the young emerging British talent perform at the following World Track Cycling championships, and this year is no exception.  They take place in Hong Kong from 12th-16th April, and with big names like Laura Kenny and Jason Kenny absent from the GB team it’s a great opportunity for the next wave of future stars in our wonderful sport to shine.  I’ll be on punditry duties each day for BBC alongside Jo Rowsell-Shand and Clare Balding and can’t wait.

On Your Bike

Thursday October 20 2016

Sir Chris is excited to announce the publication of his first non-fiction book, On Your Bike, today (20 October 2016).

On your Bike is an illustrated, comprehensive guide for children to choosing, maintaining and making the most of their bikes with top tips and tricks from Olympic cycling champion Sir Chris Hoy. The book will encourage children to have fun cycling, keep safe, and record their cycling adventures.

This entertaining and informative book will teach children all they need to know about the wonderful world of cycling. Using the Flying Fergus characters (illustrated by Clare Elsom) to assist Sir Chris in teaching children about bikes, and a scrapbook-style collage of nostalgic snapshots from his own childhood on a bike as well as technical drawings, diagrams and practical photography, this book draws on the Olympic champion’s wealth of expertise in a fun, friendly and accessible format. The book also features access to bonus step-by-step videos of Sir Chris demonstrating key tips and tricks.

Emma Matthewson, Publishing Director of Piccadilly Press said: “We are so proud to be publishing this brilliant ‘how to’ cycle book for children. Who could be better to introduce your child to cycling than the much loved Olympian Sir Chris Hoy? The videos and tips make this a great fun, must-have book for any parent and child wanting to get the most out of cycling.”

Jane Harris of Piccadilly Press commented: “Sir Chris Hoy is a brilliant ambassador for Piccadilly Press and for inspiring children to read – we are thrilled to be working in partnership with him.”

Sir Chris said: “I’m so excited to be working in partnership with Piccadilly Press on my first non-fiction book for children. I hope that On Your Bike will introduce children – and parents – to the joy of cycling, providing a fun, informative and accessible guide to making the most of your bike.”


British Cycling and HSBC UK announce Lead Partner Deal

Sunday September 18 2016

British Cycling and HSBC UK have today announced a partnership that will see HSBC UK become the new Lead Partner of British Cycling for the next eight years. The partnership will start from January 1st 2017 and seeks to embrace communities nationwide.

HSBC UK will work with British Cycling across the sport from participation at grassroots level and major organised cycling events through to the highest level of performance with the Great Britain Cycling Team.

“This is a huge moment for cycling in Great Britain,” said Ian Drake, CEO of British Cycling. “Working together with HSBC UK, we will provide the encouragement and opportunities to make cycling the most popular activity and sport of choice in Great Britain. We want to help transform an increasingly inactive and unhealthy nation through cycling.”

British Cycling and HSBC UK will deliver events and programmes across local communities, towns and free to enter mass participation events to get millions of people on their bikes.

António Simões, Chief Executive of HSBC Bank plc said: “We are extremely proud to be working in partnership with British Cycling. Recent successes at the Olympics and Paralympics in both London and Rio have put cycling well and truly on the map and we are looking to help build on that legacy to make a real difference from grass roots cycling all the way up to those representing Great Britain at the very highest level. Our ambition is for this to become a true partnership that benefits every family across Great Britain.”

The partnership will be closely aligned to the Government’s new Sporting Future Strategy which sets out physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development and economic development as measures by which sporting success will be defined by in the future.

Tracey Crouch MP, Minister for Sport, said: “Our Olympic and Paralympic cyclists’ performances in Rio were incredible, making the nation proud and inspiring many more to get on their bike. I hope that this partnership will help grow the sport further at all levels – increasing participation in the sport and nurturing the next generation of talent.”

Sir Chris Hoy, Britain’s most successful Olympic athlete of all time, said: “We’ve had a great eight years with Sky and now with HSBC UK making a long term commitment to British Cycling, it’s going to help anyone who wants to get on a bike to have fun, get fit, go to work or school, or compete right up to the very highest levels of international sport.”

“For us, sporting success is about more than medals and trophies,” said Laura Trott, Britain’s four-time Olympic gold medallist. “It’s about inspiring more people to get on a bike and be active, and British Cycling’s partnership with HSBC UK will do exactly that, which is why I am so excited today.”

Phil Smith, Sport England’s Director of Sport, said: “From grassroots through to the highest level of performance with the Great Britain Cycling Team, the HSBC UK and British Cycling commitment to the whole sport is ambitious and impressive.

“It’s also a long term commitment, which helps our ambition for everyone, regardless of their age, background or level of ability, to feel able to engage in sport and physical activity.”


Sir Chris Makes Le Mans Dream A Reality

Sunday June 19 2016

Sir Chris realised a lifelong dream today (19 June 2016) when his Nissan-powered Algarve Pro Racing entry took the chequered flag at the Le Mans 24 hours.

Team mate Andrea Pizzitola took the finish line in the No.25 Ligier chassis, bringing the team home 17th overall and 12th in class.

A BBC2 documentary crew have been following Chris on his three-year journey with Nissan, culminating at Le Mans. The programme will air on 9 October 2016 at 8:00pm (UK time).

“Just when you think you’ve seen everything a race has to offer. Right at the death of the race, you see something else happen,” Chris said.

“Incredible. The Toyota pulls over, the disappointment, heartbreaking scenes in their garage ,the delight in the Porsche garage…… an amazing race.

“And for us, to see Andrea crossing the line, to see everything that meant for the team was amazing.

“Thinking about starting out at Oulton Park doing track days, sitting for my test….the whole journey to get here. There were times when I didn’t think it was going to happen and I thought – a bit like the Olympics, – thinking even if you don’t make it, you might get half-way and do something exciting.

“But even with this I thought I’d got to race British GT and European Le Mans series last year and test the LM P2 car last year so I’d already done something great.

“But we made it here to Le Mans – and we didn’t just make it. We finished the race – just amazing.”

HOY Vulpine Launches Limited Edition Palmarès Range to Honour Sir Chris’ Achievements 

Friday April 29 2016

HOY Vulpine, the collaborative brand brought to life by high-end British apparel success story Vulpine, and Sir Chris Hoy, have launched a limited edition Palmarès range.

The black aero jersey features six gold bands and a single silver band, representing Hoy’s unrivalled successes on the track. Gold foil HOY Vulpine logos and a gold authenticity tab complete the Palmarès’ modernist design.

Sir Chris Hoy said: “This is a performance aero jersey without the in your face logos and brash colours.  Both myself and Nick wanted this to be a classy celebration of my Palmarès and I think we’ve definitely achieved this. Having retired from competitive cycling three years ago and with 2016 being such a big year for sport, we thought it would be fun and timely to look back at my career and put all the results together into a piece I hope cycling fans will enjoy owning and wearing.”

‘Palmarès’ is the French word commonly used in cycling to describe the greatest victories and honours of an elite cyclist’s career; hence the six gold and single silver bands.

Sir Chris Hoy took to the boards of the eponymous Glasgow velodrome to shoot the range. Nick Hussey, founder of Vulpine, was directing on the shoot. “It was breathtaking for both me and photographer, Alexander Rhind to stand on the track as Sir Chris came hammering past only inches away. He’s still built like the proverbials, and yet still gets incredibly low and aero. It was spine chilling to be that close to him in full attack, and so appropriate to shoot it on ‘his’ velodrome.”

Hoy also wore one of his original competition helmets and visors, and rode his own custom made steel HOY track bike, built as a one off by Scottish frame builder Shand. Handbuilt by Steven Shand from Columbus Max tubing, this too sports the 6 gold, 1 silver bands motif.

The limited edition male and female Palmarès Jerseys are priced at £115, with the Palmarès Cap costing £15. Both items are only available as limited edition items from, until sold out.

Sir Chris Hoy Palmarès:

World Championships

•1999 –  Silver – Team sprint

•2000 –  Silver – Team sprint

•2001 –  Bronze – Team sprint

•2002 –  Gold- 1 km time trial & Team sprint

•2003 –  Bronze – Team sprint

•2004 –  Gold – 1 km time trial. Bronze – Team sprint

•2005 –  Gold – Team sprint. Bronze – 1 km time trial

•2006 –  Gold – 1 km time trial. Silver – Team sprint

•2007 –  Gold – Keirin & 1 km time trial. Silver – Team sprint

•2008 –  Gold – Sprint & Keirin. Silver – Team sprint

•2010 –  Gold – Keirin. Bronze – Team sprint

•2011 –  Silver – Keirin, Team sprint & Sprint

•2012 –  Gold – Keirin. Bronze – Sprint

Olympic Games

•2000 –  Silver – Team sprint

•2004 –  Gold – 1 km Track time trial

•2008 –  Gold – Team sprint;  Keirin;  Sprint

•2012 –  Gold – Team sprint; Keirin

Commonwealth Games

•2002 –  Gold – 1 km time trial. Bronze – Team sprint

•2006 –  Gold – Team sprint. Bronze – 1 km time trial

Special awards

•2003, 2008 – BBC Scotland Sports Personality of the Year

•2008 – BBC Sports Personality of the Year

•2014 – BBC Sports Personality of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award

For more information on the HOY Vulpine range, please visit: