Following the resignation yesterday of British Cycling’s Technical Director Shane Sutton, I wanted to make the following statement.

A lot has been written about Shane Sutton and British Cycling in the media in recent days.  Given the seriousness of the allegations of discrimination, I welcome the independent investigation to be conducted by UK Sport and look forward to contributing if asked to do so.  I encourage everyone with an interest in the future of British Cycling to do the same.

I’ve no intention of providing my opinion on the allegations through the media.  With our best cyclists less than 100 days away from competing in the most important event of their careers, all those with something to say need to do so in the right environment and allow our fabulous riders to finish their Olympic and Paralympic preparations without this distraction.  I think Andy Harrison will do a great job taking over the technical director role and leading the team in Rio.

I do want to pay tribute to Shane for what he’s achieved for British Cycling and for me personally over the years.  I have never met anyone who gave so much to their role within any team and who cared so much for the performance of the riders. Shane expected 100% commitment from every member of the team regardless of their role and he led by example in that respect. As a coach, his uncompromising approach yielded unparalleled results for the GB team and his contribution to my career and the entire British Cycling success story was outstanding. For this, I would like to sincerely thank him.

Back in 2009 I wrote a short article in The Guardian on Shane as my mentor, which I thought appropriate to share today: The Guardian

It’s important to recognise that all of British Cycling’s success is due to the combined effort of a huge number of people.  There is a magnificent support team of coaches and other personnel who provide their expertise and passion to allow the riders to get the best out of themselves. That team remains, and I for one can’t wait to proudly watch our Olympic and Paralympic riders representing Great Britain in Rio.  Let’s all get behind them.