Chris’s patronage of Winning Scotland Foundation was formally announced in May at the charity’s BE YOUR PERSONAL BEST event. Along with fellow patron, Katherine Grainger, Chris inspired pupils, patrons and supporters of Winning Scotland Foundation with stories of his own experiences of training and the life lessons he learned along the way.

Winning Scotland Foundation is an independent charity that is working to create a culture where all young people in Scotland have the opportunity to develop themselves and learn important life skills. By using sport as a learning tool, the Foundation aims to enable all young people today, and in the future, to be well-prepared for their lives ahead of them.

The world today faces an unprecedented rate of change that will bring with it more challenges, risks and uncertainties for young people than ever before. The skill set that youngsters will need for life in the future will not be the same as skills they have today. Our young people will need increased resilience, confidence in the face of adversity, versatility and adaptability and the ability to achieve success through sustained effort.

Winning Scotland Foundation uses sport to provide young people with accessible and enjoyable opportunities to learn these skills.

Chris remarked, “I chose to support Winning Scotland Foundation, as it’s a great charity that inspires kids to get the best out of themselves. It’s about so much more than sport, and shows young people that they can achieve their personal best in anything, whether that be school, music, art or sport, and do amazing things if they work hard.”

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